Apartment my Therapy – Workspace Roundup


A while (maybe a looong while) ago, before I moved into my previous apartment, I did a roundup of all the dining rooms that I liked. Two moves later, I’m in the same pickle with my study/spare room area. In my current apartment, we decided to use the smaller room as the bedroom – as all you need to do in a bedroom is to sleep – and decided to use the bigger of two rooms as a study / spare room. I’d say the current room is more like the latter rather than the former.

I’ve built a whole Pinterest board around it, and here are some of the ideas that I like best, ordered from the achievable to the aspirational ;).

I really like this idea – the cube shelf popularised by IKEA is super common group, but just adding in the metallic and textural details, it really elevates the look. Perfect, and easy to do!





This last one is so beautifully opulent. And many many aspirational years away.

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